Too $hort - Buy U Some 2 Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Buy U Some 2 Lyrics
Pimpin' Incorporated, woo!

[E Dub] Erick Sermon... Too $hort
[$hort] Wassup player? We got the young homey from Decatur, Georgia
[E Dub] Young Lloyd
[Lloyd] A-Town
[E Dub] Woooo! Word is bond
[Lloyd] You never met a nigga like me
[E Dub] Uh-uh! (Hey!) Word is bond
[Lloyd] I don't think you ever met a nigga like me
[$hort] Motherf*cker!

[Erick Sermon]
Aiyyo this is part two of the shit, of Too $hort and E Dub
New York, Oakland, stand up
Show love you beeeitches
No need to talk about the reeiches, I mean Trump punk
Understand we back, rap mack, I'm Goldie
I'm an oldie but goodie, in jeans and hoodie
Outside is the Benz McLaren, the doors lift up
Next week the new Bentley Coupe I'll pick up
A chick like Jessica Rabbit lays in back
Young Lloyd in the back serenadin the crack
Yup, ask my nigga X man, "I'm vanglorious"
Nigga they call me ex-land, dough before sex man
I spend cash when I want and you save
I'm a peeeimp, it say that on my Banner, ask Dave
My favorite color is blue, but I ain't crippin
I like Too $hort too, but "I Ain't Trippin," uhh

[Too $hort]
Me and Erick Sermon in a Benz on the interstate
Wish this motherf*cker had wings cause you in the way
Let the car pass, we ain't signin autographs
Unless you got every tape with every rhyme I ever rapped
We rollin non-stop to the A-T-L
How we stayin on top? You cain't make me tell
And no we don't claim to be the biggest stars
But when they see nigga's cars.. bitches pause
Tryin to, find a way to be my friend
Climb in her vagina so deep, I'm in
And all these mad rappers tryin to flag me down
I throw a piece sign, I'm 'bout to turn back around
but I keep flyin, lil' homey keep rhymin
While you keep whinin, when you see me big timin
Cain't keep it to myself, man I had to tell
You still rappin in my ear, I'm still mad as hell

[E Dub] Nigga I had the Benz when I was 7
[$hort] I was f*ckin supermodels when I was in 6th grade
[E Dub] I f*cked four thousand bitches
[$hort] Nigga I'm rich
[Lloyd] Bet you never met a nigga like me

In the, big do', six-fo' deluxe
Ridin slow while the hydro's rollin up
Gettin paged different dames la-di-da what's up
Say they tired of playin games and they tryin to f*ck wit'chu
Spittin game, watch 'em open up
Oh yes I love sex so just my luck
Ain't too many young niggaz get mo' bucks than us
And shorty f*ck the price I like ice on my nuts

Heyyy, you never met a nigga like me
I don't think you ever met a nigga like me

[E Dub] Woo!
[$hort] Ay Lloyd, I can't even name all the R&B bitches I've f*cked
[E Dub] Man I've f*cked so many movie star bitches they call me Mr. Hollywood
[$hort] Nigga how much you worth?
[E Dub] Man I just bought Egypt
[Lloyd] You never met a nigga like me
[Lloyd] I don't think you ever met a nigga like me
[$hort] Buy you some, part two beitch
[Lloyd] You never met a nigga like me
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