Two Gunslingers Lyrics by Tom Petty

Tom Petty Lyrics

Two Gunslingers Lyrics
(Tom Petty)

Two gunslingers walked out in the street and one said
"I don't wanna fight no more."
And the other gunslinger thought about it and said,
"Yeh, what are we fighting for?"

I'm takin' control of my life, I'm takin' control of my life
I'm takin' control of my life right now, oh yeah

Well the crowd that assembled for the gun fight
Were let down, everyone hissed and booed
And a stranger told his Mrs., "That's the last one of those gunfights
You're ever gonna drag me to."


Well the two gunslingers went ridin' out of town and
Were never heard from no more
And there ain't been a gunfight for a long time
Maybe never, but nobody knows for sure

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