Finding Out Lyrics by Tom Petty

Tom Petty Lyrics

Finding Out Lyrics
(Tom Petty and Mike Campbell)

There's something wrong, I can't get my finger on it
I must be looking over something
Sometimes at night I've had to fight with this emptiness
It's been so hard to see, there's something more than this

I'm finding out, baby I'm finging out
Yeah it look a little time to get what love was about
But honey I'm coming 'round
I'm finding out

I've had enough of all this hard-core loneliness
I don't think pain is so romantic
I'm just a working man
I feel each day go by
I couldn't understand, I was too weak to fight

But I'm finding out, I'm finding out
It took a little time for me to stand up and shout
But honey I'm coming 'round, I'm finding out

I have to thank you baby-honey I must confess
You have pulled me from this river of loneliness

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