Tommy Dorsey - Satan Takes A Holiday Lyrics

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Satan Takes A Holiday Lyrics
Satan Takes A Holiday
Tommy Dorsey
by Larry Clinton

Stop, look, and listen to me,
Last night at a quarter past three

The Devil started dancin'
He was entrancin'
hen he did the "Jangle: his own way
His bones were rattlin' loudly,
As he began to shuffle proudly,
That's the way that Satan takes a holiday

The music wasn't good,
But it was plenty spooky,
That 's the way he likes it night and day
Teh gentleman prefers to listen
To aggravatin' rhythm
That's the way Satan takes a holiday.

Watch out, He's comin' out,
And then you'll shout unless you're good, knock wood.
He's really rather goofy tryin' to be spooky,
But he has to do it day by day
His job is not allurin' never-the-less quite endurin'
Maybe that's why Satan takes a holiday

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