Three Days Grace Lyrics

Three Days Grace Lyrics

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From the Album Explosions (2022) (buy at
So Called Life
I Am The Weapon
A Scar is Born
No Tomorrow
Chain of Abuse
Someone To Talk To

From the Album So Called Life (2021) (buy at
So Called Life
So Called Life

From the Album Somebody That I Used to Know (2020) (buy at
Somebody That I Used to Know
Somebody That I Used to Know

From the Album Outsider (2018) (buy at
Right Left Wrong
The Mountain
I Am An Outsider
Nothing To Lose But You
Me Against You
Love Me Or Leave Me
Strange Days
Villain I'm Not
Chasing The First Time
The New Real
The Abyss

From the Album Human (2015) (buy at

From the Album Transit of Venus (2012) (buy at

Sign Of The Times
Chalk Outline
The High Road
Misery Loves My Company
Give In To Me
Give Me A Reason
Time That Remains
Broken Glass
Unbreakable Heart

From the Album Life Starts Now (2009) (buy at

Bitter Taste
World So Cold
Lost In You
The Good Life
No More
Last To Know
Someone Who Cares
Without You
Goin' Down
Life Starts Now

From the Album One-X (2006) (buy at

It's All Over
Animal I Have Become
Never Too Late
On My Own
Get Out Alive
Let It Die
Over And Over
Time Of Dying
Gone Forever
Running Away (Bonus Track)

From the Album Three Days Grace (2003) (buy at

Just Like You
(I Hate) Everything About You
Let You Down
Now Or Never
Born Like This
Wake Up
Take Me Under

Other Songs:
Are You Ready (from "Cursed" soundtrack)
Drugs Don't Work
Figured Out
In Front Of Me
My Own Life
The Chain (from "Lost in You" single)
This Movie

Three Days Grace Info:

Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1992, originally under the name Groundswell. After a breakup in late 1995, the band regrouped in 1997 under its current name.

At the start of 2013, Three Days Grace announced that lead singer Adam Gontier was resigning from the band because of a "non-life threatening" health issue. Adam Gontier was replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst shortly thereafter, who was not confirmed as an official member until March 28, 2014. -Wikipedia

Also known as:
Groundswell (1992-1995)

Norwood, Ontario, Canada

Hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge

Years active:

Associated acts:
My Darkest Days

Brad Walst -
bass, occasional backing vocals

Neil Sanderson -
drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals (1997-present)

Barry Stock -
lead guitar (2003-present)

Matt Walst -
lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2013-present)

Past Members:
Adam Gontier - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1997-2013)

Live Members:
Dani Rosenoer - keyboards, backing vocals (2012-present)

Did You Know:
You can find their songs in many video game soundtracks including WWE SmackDown vs. Raw and NASCAR Thunder .

Three Days Grace Quotes:
We grew up 2 hours outside Toronto in a small town of 1500 people. Basically we were buddies before we formed the band and we used to hang around at high school. One day I just told Brad, our bass player, to try playing the bass, he'd never played an instrument before, and we formed a band from that moment.
-Adam Gontier

We're all about writing good songs and not necessary about trying to stick to one sound or whatever. All the guys in the band are influenced by lots of different things. Like I grew up listening to the Beatles and Joni Mitchell whereas the other guys in the band were into Led Zeppelin and Sabbath. We have a whole heap of different influences that come out when we write. I guess on the record those influences all come together and make this solid record of good songs.
-Adam Gontier

Well, in big cities you don't get to hear most of the things that go on. The public knowledge is often controlled by whomever it's about. But in a small town the hearsay travels quickly. You get a clear picture of what someone's all about. You see most aspects of their lives.
-Neil Sanderson

We're always writing, but we're concentrating on just performing right now. We're thinking about which song should be the next single.
Neil Sanderson

We go up onstage and it's full on. It's like we own the stage. We give it full on. So when we come off the stage we feel relieved and pretty chilled.
-Neil Sanderson

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