Third Eye Blind - Wake For Young Souls Lyrics

Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Wake For Young Souls Lyrics
Where's my soul

I have your face in a photo in high school when you were alive but that's all I have
And I can't remember who I was myself then and it doesn't help still I looked to you as a friend to tell me

who we are now, who we are
who we are now, who we are
where does time go now on a wake for young souls
tell me who we are now, who we are
where does time go now on a wake for young souls
Like a lullaby we sing

Well the wind that blows its blowing colder and the child that grows she's growing older
And the friends we know they'll turn a shoulder
the friends we know they are growing colder


Where's my soul

Cycle of the moon brings blood to the woman
In the blood of the woman brings birth of a child
Child grow up
Keep forgetting something
Birth of a child comes someplace while you
Even grey days beat the shade to wean
Unbodied unsouled unheard unseen
Let the gift be grown in the time to call our own
Let the truth be sewn before the windows closing
Truth is natural like a wind that blows
Follow the direction no matter where it goes
So it shall be the earth and the sea
Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me

If I've been cold, if I've spoken in anger, to have been bold, forgive me
You I don't see your mother not like before, though she hasn't forgotten she doesn't like to be reminded anymore.
Annie got married it didn't come with out tears like the day you died I have laughter for these years


Other things we know are going to fall away from me like a grain of sand slips through a good friends hand

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