Third Eye Blind - Blade Lyrics

Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Blade Lyrics
I took my blade, and I cut him deep
And the blood bloomed red on his crisp white shirt
For your party guests to see
I could've run in the night
I could've slit his throat in his sleep
But I wanted you to see
The company you keep

I thought we went together like violence on a balmy night
I thought being alone with a violent man made you feel alright
Can we get away tonight?

And your father said follow the money to the source
That's what life is all about
Then you f*ck the source
Till the money comes out

You say that I'm a brute
Cause I fell faster than you
But I've got a heart that's true
And there's nothing that I won't do
To get away with you

Smile lights the slander in her eyes
She's the dark clouds swirling in my skies
And the cocktail chatter all starts to dim
Like a doppler away from me she spins
On a bloom light sea she starts to swim
She betrayed me, all now on a whim
To get away with him

I took my blade
But I couldn't get it all to drain
I could see him bleeding differently
Like teardrops in the rain

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