Brownie Mary - Memphis Lyrics

X-Files: Episodes 2 Soundtrack Lyrics

Brownie Mary - Memphis Lyrics
Maybe we should never wonder
Maybe we should live here like we do
Dreamin' of a good life
Like it wasn't meant for me and you
Who am I to question
My father was a good man all his life
He never wanted nothin'
He just lived like you and

I would love to fly to Memphis
And ask the King what I should do
'Cause I believe he's somewhere out there
Don't you?

We just sit here watching tv
We eat everything the network wants us to
Baby I've seen every rerun
I know everything they say and do
I saw it on the X-Files
Mulder kinda thinks the way I do
A pilgrimage to Memphis
Is what my soul needs to break through

I want to drive to Memphis
The King will tell me what to do
'Cause I believe he's somewhere out there
Don't you?

I'm tired of all these questions
I've been asking questions all my life
But I believe in something
That will change my little life

Tonight I'll drive to Memphis
I'll show the King a thing or two
'Cause I believe he's somewhere out there
Don't you?

I've always wanted something better
But I am as scared as you
But I believe there's something out there
Don't you...don't you?

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