NRBQ - Wacky Tobacky Lyrics

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NRBQ - Wacky Tobacky Lyrics
NRBQ - Wacky Tobacky

Wacky tobacky
It made me feel so good
Wacky tobacky
Just like you said it would

Everybody doin' it
Smokin' and a-chewin' it
They shippin' and buzzin' it
And Congress is discussin' it

Oh, listen to me
'Cause I wouldn't tell you no lie

Some folks are tryin' it
But then they're denyin' it
A scientist is testin'
But you might get arrested

Jiminy Cricket
I wouldn't tell you no lie

But now, wacky tobacky
Wacky tobacky

Oh, wacky tobacky
It made me feel so weird
Wacky tobacky
I had to shave my beard

Yeah, the old they're tryin' it
And then they're denyin' it
It's wicked and it's graded
But then it's confiscated

It's crackers to slip a rozzer
Oh, the dropsy in snide

Hey boy, wacky tobacky
Wacky tobacky
I said
Wacky tobacky
Wacky tobacky

Cha cha cha

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