Illinois - Nosebleed Lyrics

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Illinois - Nosebleed Lyrics
hold on baby
lets sing it again
lets just pretend that we go all the way back.
dont tell nobody
shhhh..its just me
n' this shits free
n' i got all that ya need.
sometimes what you a nosebleed
ill be right back now
dont leave this spot
lets do some shots ya know i cant turn em down
hey guys, m' i floatin'?
is it just me?
is this my seat that goes all the way up?
i know what ya need its a nosebleed
well hear we go again
with pots on my knees
quick get yer shovel n'
dig up all that ive planted.
but why are we whispering?
is my face red?
is it me instead layin awake inside my bed.
so jip take a ride in yer lil red soul.
jippy took a ride in his lil red sould

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