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Myths And Hymns Soundtrack Lyrics

Saturn Returns Lyrics
Long ago, I tasted something sweet.
It's an echo, it's a memory in retreat.
Like a feeling of fullness,
Like the knowing of quiet fortitude, of ancient heroes.
It was something I trusted somehow.
But now,
But now it's gone, and I am incomplete.
In the darkness, and the hollow, in the heat.
If I flash on the future
I see only the empty future shock, an afterimage.
There is only I want, I want, I want.
I don't know what I hunger for,
I don't know why I feel the hunger more
And more with every passing day.
I don't know from where the hunger springs,
But that it's there and that it sings of someplace far away.
So get me up, and get me out, and let me never return
To the darkness and the hollow, and to the burn.
I want out of this hunger,
To take me up to a higher altitude.
Take me all the way,
I'm out of here.
I am going there.
I am gone!
Oh, get me up like Icarus,
And give me wings like Pegasus.
Just get me out and get me high!

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