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How Can I Lose You? Lyrics
How can I lose you?
You're all that I know.
What will I do now?
Where will I go?
We were together,
Now we are through.
Why am I losing you?
How can you leave me,
Leave me this way,
Leave me to miss you,
Day after day?
I look around now,
You're what I see.
Pictures of you leaving me.

No one should always lose.
Can't I find some kind of peace?
Nobody owns the blues,
But I have a long term lease.

I never know why,
I never know when.
I'm going along,
It happens again.
I have a blind spot forty miles wide.
I have a terrible weakness inside!
That's how I lose you.
That's how I lose you.

I was another girl:
Joyous and happy and free.
She was a perfect pearl.
When did she turn into me?

How can I lose you?
You're all that I had.
What did I say, now?
How was I bad?
Who can I turn to?
Where will I go?
How can I live now,
Missing you so?
How can you leave me?
You're all that I know! Oh!
That;s how I lost you!
That's how I always lost you.
That's how I'll always lose you:

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