The Garden Path to Hell Lyrics

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The Garden Path to Hell Lyrics
I was once your nan
Then I met a man 0
Tall and all with golden hair,
That's where my end began.
I let him have his way with me,
(he knew his way so well):
Led me down the garden path to Hell.
Marriage in me head,
What I got instead
Was a bed in Camden Town, and then
to me he said:
"Should I send around a friend,
be nice to him this swell.
Stroll him down your garden path to Hell.
Make your bed of roses, and sleep in it,
Cuddle deep in it and pray you never wake.
Soon the deadly poppies come cropping up.
Fairly popping from the seeds of one mistake.
On my back all day
Earning Satan's pay
I took to drink
So's not to think
Of who'd come next to play.
Gave my gent my every cent and he gave
me farewell,
Leaving me to week the path to Hell.
Life's a maze of hedges that prickle you;
As they tickle you, they'll tear you all about.
Strolling through the maze is amusing, too.
But, confusing when you can't find your way out.

I lost my looks by then,
Couldn't draw the men,
So I learned to trade and earned
My keep with drugs, and then,
Found myself a wicked shelf where I
opium I sell:
"Here's a pipe for you, sir.
(Prince is five and two, sir.)
Can't you see the garden?
It's such a lovely garden...
I'll take you there, I know the path so well...
To Hell."

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