Finale/The Writing On The Wall Lyrics

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Soundtrack Lyrics

Finale/The Writing On The Wall Lyrics
Edwin Drood:
(Spoken) I'm alive!

(Sung) I am Laz'rus, risen from the grave!
Quite alive you find me -
This tomb behind me
Is where I faced my closest shave!
When I struck my head against the street,
I was stunned, not stricken -
Our plot doth thicken -
As Jasper flew me off my feet

To the crypt,
I awoke in dark beyond belief,
And while all above me showed their grief,
I was screaming for my very breath,
Only moments from death.

You have no idea the sudden strength
That you feel within you,
The steel and sinew,
As death stands smiling at arms-length.
I escaped! From Cloisterham I fled.
And I did not return here.
'Til I could learn here
Just who in hell would wish me dead.

But more than that,
More than what solution fits the crime,
What I've learned is life is bits of time,
And you fight for every tiny speck
When you're held by the neck:

I have read the writing on the wall,
And the greatest myst'ry
Is not the hist'ry
Of Jasper, Drood, and one and all!

I have met my maker and returned!
What advice I'm giving
To all those living
Is just to learn what I have learned:

Life is dear.
There can be no vict'ry in defeat.
If out-numbered, beat a fast retreat
To the nearest shelter and dig in!
When you live, then you win!

Scratch and claw for every day you're worth!
Make them drag you, screaming, from life, keep dreaming
You'll live forever here on earth.

I have seen the writing on the wall,
And it's clearly spelled out
For those who've held out
That holding on to life is all.

Is it clear?
If you hear my voice, then you're alive.
What a bloody marvel we survive,
When you think of every risk we face
In our mad human race!

I have read the writing on the wall!
Try to live forever
And give up, never
The fight - you'll need the wherewithal!
Can't you heed

The warning...

The lightning
As I plead,

The light of morning...

Inciting you
To read

To read...

The writing on the wall!

The writing on the wall, the writing on the wall!

On the wall!

[Thanks to john1564 for correcting these lyrics]

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