A Man Could Go Quite Mad Lyrics

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A Man Could Go Quite Mad Lyrics
Another trifling day, one more soul-stifling day of blinding pain:
Boredom grinds my brain down to the grain.
A man could go quite mad and not be all that bad.
Consider each superb, disturbing urge you've ever had
To curse aloud in church or choke each bloke who
Throws a smile your way...
Be that as it may.

A man could have bad dreams and not be all he seems.
Yet not be far-removed from all the noblest of extremes.
Sometimes I think that sanity is just a passing fad.
A man could go quite mad.

Unblessed are the dull. One ceaseless, peaceless lull.
One wondrous night,
Storm-struck thund'rous light
Will cast me right

A sculptor lacking arms, a sorc'ror lacking charms,
A fiend who frightens no one for there's no one that he harms.
Whose clutches clutch at only desp'rate respite
From this dim tableau!
Knowing this is so, I hide myself in thought
Where one cannot be caught
and feed on dreams that contradicts each
edict I've been taught
And if someday I lose my way and mind,
you'll find me glad -
A man could go quite, man could go quite,
Man could go quite mad!

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