Mr. Popper's Penguins Soundtrack Lyrics

Mr. Popper's Penguins Lyrics

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Rolfe Kent - Radio Chat / The Streets Of New York - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - The Horn Of Africa - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Popper's Life / Reginald And The Will - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - A Live Penguin - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - To The Tavern And Van Gundy - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Captain Runs A Bath - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Trying To Get Rid of Captain - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - A New Host Of Penguins - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - The Man From The Zoo - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Of Sleep And Soccer - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Penguins' Uncanny Tracking Ability - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Guggenheim Pandemonium - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - What Advice Have You Got, Dad - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Training The Birds - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Dresses, Daughters, And Eggs - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Showing Amanda The Eggs - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Skating Date - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Whoever Has The Fish - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Kent And His Camera Phone - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Eggs Hatching / Captain Waits - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Popper's Gone Crazy - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Life Without Penguins - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - The Lost Letter, And Popper Has A Plan - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - The Escape From The Zoo - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - A Race To The Tavern On The Green - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - Challenge At The Tavern - Come To Popper! - [Instrumental]
Rolfe Kent - A Family In Antarctica - [Instrumental]

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