Puff Daddy f/ Black Rob, Kelly Price - No Way Out Lyrics

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Puff Daddy f/ Black Rob, Kelly Price - No Way Out Lyrics
There's no way no way nowhere to go there's no way out
There's no way no way nowhere to turn there's no way out

[Puff talking over chorus]
Yeah yeah uh huh no way out baby.
You can't go nowhere ain't got nowhere to turn
Yeah yeah ain't no way out.
Ugh check this out

[Verse 1 (Puff)]

Ready to call it quits from all this shit
even resign from the niggas I been ballin' with
I'm second guessing all this negative energy
It's making me realize why niggas really envy me
I feel no sympathy it's tight ill
plus I get slight chills when I write wills
tired of looking at these ugly niggas with ice grills
No tellin' what I might feel about my glory
2 sides to every story
That's why I pray to God hoping that He reassure me
The more the pain the more the game come with this territory
I might dispose feelin' like my life been chose
All I know in my life lotta ice and hoes
when it's on
My man there gat in his hand
what you do when you got a master plan
but half done ran
Here's ya chance to prove you love 'em
It's on and subbin'
so hot it's feeling muggy. Really though.

[Puff over chorus]
No matter how bad it gets. It could be worse. Ain't no way out
I gotta live my life you know. You gave me the ends. No matter
how bad it gets there ain't no way out no way out.

[Verse 2 (Black Rob)]

I feel like this approach me with beef ya done
I shoot through pants no chance to pull for ya gun
man a lot of y'all cats can't stand that 1 on 1
wind up gettin' embarrassed ain't funny uh huh
Despite the bullshit black still here
makin' hits down at Chelsea Bea's
via partaking flicks
No matter what we have to
come strapped with our gats
We don't want to
but y'all make us act like that
It's a thousand Bad Boy cats ready to blam you
La Familia I steal ya I know how my fam' do
man handle tracks that be laced by Nas
Rolex watch security straight from the Mosque
Yo I'm all on my own G who should I trust
Niggas bust B.I.G. now it seems they want us
It's like no matter what I do
I can't escape it
ain't no going around it so
I'ma be a man and just face it


[Verse 3 (Puff)]

It takes heart just to live in these streets
you niggas lift the heat
take the bitter with the sweet
they can't hurt me
no more than they already did
They killed Big in my heart he forever lives
there's no way out
like you got Berrettas to my wig
we were slugged then another blood
shed my ribs uhh
Now the question is Will I survive?
Nigga gotta make it home I gotta still provide
And I get the vibe niggas wanna live to try
ain't no tellin' what this Bad Boy feel inside
Blood hate the sweat pain be intensified
I'm feelin' stranded as if I can't hitch a ride
Now I tell my seed minimize the genocide
plus I'm dangerous so numb I feel painless
and you know what you
tell them niggas who can't touch you
You grab ya nuts and say MUTHAF*ck YOU!
you invited got dones be indicted
And if you kill me
me and Big reunited WHAT NIGGA what nigga what nigga
[Chorus over last line]

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