Don't look back Lyrics

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Don't look back Lyrics
See it coming round the bend. Don't look back fix your eye strait ahead. There's a chance that we only come one way, sircomstances that will lead us to the brighter day. Every step brings us closer to our journeys end. Up ahead, you can see it coming round the bend, see it comming round the bend, i know the future when i hear every plan. Gotta take it in hand.


Don't look back, fix your eye strait ahead,

reach out, just remeber what i said, say it loud,

i won't give up this time, don't look back, don't look back.

When your down, and you need a little helping hand. Look around you, try in make it with the best you can. Stand up proud, don't let the bad times get to you. Every cloud, has a lightered if you want it too. Lightning if you want it to. I know the light is never leaving today but i know you'll get there.


Don't look back, Every body loves to travel,

Don't look back, Clear skys ahead now,

Don't look back, Just remeber what i said,

Don't look back, Don't look back

chorus x2

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