Hills of Tomorrow (Finale) Lyrics - Merrily We Roll Along Soundtrack

Merrily We Roll Along Soundtrack Lyrics

Hills of Tomorrow (Finale) Lyrics
FRANK (Older)
And so, as the valedictorian of the Class of 1955
I choose now to acknowledge the debt I owe all of you.

FRANK (Older) and FRANK (Younger)
And most important the debt I owe my generously talented friend
and classmate Charles Kringas …

FRANK (Younger)
… with whom I wrote the commencement song you are about to hear.
My final thought is a simply but mighty thought. It is the
obligation we have been give. It is not to turn out the same.
It is to graw, to accomplish, to change the world.

Behold the hills of tommrow!
Behold the limitless sky!
Fling wide the gates
To a world that waits!
As our journey starts,
Behold! Our hearts
Are high!

Beyond the hills of tomorrow
Are skies more beautiful still!
Behold! Begin!
There are worlds to win!
May we come to trust
The dreams we must

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