Barrett Wilbert Weed, Erika Henningsen - Apex Predator Lyrics

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Barrett Wilbert Weed, Erika Henningsen - Apex Predator Lyrics
Don’t be fooled by the pink
She is not playing dolls
She is stalking the halls
For the thrill of the kill

Every person in school
Is aware of her stare
When she tosses her hair
They go perfectly still

All their eyes say, “don’t attack me.”
Watch them sweat and pant and shake
Every food chain has its acme
Regina George eats steak

She’s the queen of the beasts
She can smell your fear
In this biosphere
She’s the apex predator

Like a lionesses
Only with less fur
Do not mess with her
She’s the apex predator

At the watering hole
See the girls who weren't nice
Have to scatter like mice
From a jungle cat

And though Janis is great
She does not have this power
People literally cower
Janis can’t do that

See us mark our territory
As I follow in her train
I was victim, I was quarry
Now I shake my mane

She’s the queen of beasts
And I’m in her pride
I have hitched a ride
With the apex predator

And it’s kinda fun
When she bares her claws
When I'm safe because
I'm with the apex predator

Did I think I'd be protected by my new exotic pet
Not a chance if she suspected
I was any kind of reproductive threat
But she doesn't know yet

No, she doesn't know yet
She's the queen of beasts
At this beastly school
Gotta keep things cool
With the apex predator

So I'm kinda friends

But you're kind of prey

Jesus, what a day

With the apex predator
Will she braid your hair
Will she eat your heart
How can you outsmart
The apex predator

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