Renegades,rebels & Rogues Lyrics - Tracy Lawrence Soundtrack

Tracy Lawrence Soundtrack Lyrics

Renegades,rebels & Rogues Lyrics
They come from the wrong side of the track
Born a breed apart
Can't tie em up, can't pin 'em down
Always clinging to some old star
They chase that restless spirit
Wherever the four winds blow
Ain't no such thing as a dead end to
Renegades, rebels and rogues

Renegades, rebels and rogues
Eyes of fire, hearts of gold
They ramble till they drop
Gamble till the money runs out
They'll take any wrong direction
"cause it's in their blood to know
That all roads lead to another road
For renegades, rebels and rogues

Daughters love em', daddys hate em'
Mama don't understand
Whenever life deals em' down and dirty
They just play another hand
And theres a place in heaven
For those wild and kindred souls
But they'll be raising hell till then
Renegades, rebels and rogues

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