So Many People Lyrics

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So Many People Lyrics

(cut from Saturday Night the Musical)
(written by Stephen Sondheim So Many People lyrics)

I said the man for me must have a castle
A man of means he'd be, a man of fame
And then I met a man who hadn't any
Without a penny to his name

I had to go and fall
For so much less than
What I had planned from
All the magazines
I should be good and sore
What am I happy for
I guess the man means more than the means

So many people in the world
And what can they do
They'll never know love
Like my love for you

So many people laugh
At what they don't know
But that's their concern
If just a few say
Half a million or so
Could see us
They'd learn

So many people in the world
Don't know what they've missed
They'd never believe
Such joy could exist
And if they tell us
Its a thing without growth
They're jealous as they can be

That with so many people
In the world
You love me

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