Steve Forbert - Goin' Down To Laurel Lyrics

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Steve Forbert - Goin' Down To Laurel Lyrics
He can play the fool and make a few mistakes,

But all the same he'll never be a bore

I'm glad to be so young talkin' with my tongue

Glad to be so careless in my way

Glad to take a chance and play against the odds

Glad to be so crazy in my day

Well I'm goin' down to Laurel

It's a dirty stinkin' town yea

But me I know exactly what I'm going to find

Little girl I'm goin' to see

She is a fool for lovin' me

But she's in love and love's a funny state of mind

Yes it is (on second chorus)

Well what was that you said when you had a tear

Rolling down your cheek the other night

I couldn't catch it all there's something going wrong

I hope you got it straightened out alright

Everything's so loud and everything's so fast

I here your brother married once again

Yea best of luck and all and try to have some fun

They tell me this great life can always end


harmonica theme again:

I'm smilin' from a car, I'm goin' for a drive

Feel the whistle blowin' breeze gone flying by

Mirror's on the moon, echo in the sun

See just a touch of madness in my eye

Please don't mention rain, please don't talk of trains

Please don't mention buildings burning down

Everybody here seems to like to laugh

Either step in time or just don't hang around


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