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Jersey Boys Cast - Cry For Me Lyrics
I cried for you
Now cry for me
No no I don't love you anymore
Cry for me

Well, you had your fun
(background: Don't go baby)
With someone new
(background: Don't go baby)
Now you want me to take you back
(background: Don't go baby)
We're all through

Cuz now im leaving
No no make believin'
You made a fool of me
So now I'm leaving you

Loved you so
(background: Don't go baby)
Much more than you'll ever know
(background: Don't go baby)
But you just cheated and you lied
(background: Don't go baby)
Go and cry for me

Well you,
Knew it from the start
Someday you'd break my heart
Now we're all through
go an and cry, cry for me
(background: Won't you cry for me baby...Cry)
Just the way I cried for you
(background: Won't you cry for me baby... cry)
Just the way I cried for you... So go on and cry, cry for me

[Thanks to nelmecaesmal for correcting these lyrics]

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