Foolish to Think Lyrics

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Soundtrack Lyrics

Foolish to Think Lyrics
(spoken) Pigs might fly...

(sung) Foolish to think she would marry you.
Why would she sink so low?
You've only a claim to a noble old name.
Who could blame her for saying "no"?

Foolish to dream she's in love with you.
You're a fool to believe that kiss.
The man who inspires such breathless desires, well, thats the man to dismiss.

Foolish to hope she would ever see
All that you really are.
A man with no trade is no match, I'm afraid.
For a blade in a motor car.
He'll go far...

Foolish to pray you will ever be
the fellow she might prefer
Lets have a drink! It's foolish to think you'll ever stop loving her.

On a mythical scale the D'ysquiths prevail on a hill just outside of town;
In a castle they love, that is so far above, they're accustomed to looking down.

And the fam'ly ordains that the blood in my veins is more than a trifle impure.
They conspired with each other, condemning poor mother to a heartbreaking life she could hardly endure!

With no conscience or care, they disposed of an heir to their glorious family tree.
Do I lie down and die, or determined to try to alter the course of my destiny?
Otherwise what will become of me?

Am I foolish to think I could ever be, will i never be more than I am today?
I can see me as a man of respect, you could never detect had once been so heartlessly cast away.

Am I foolish to dream I'll be Earl one day?
A towering man among men.
Then who could deny, now and then, pigs can fly!
Who will look foolish then?

Who will look foolish then?

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