Doogal Soundtrack Lyrics

Doogal Lyrics

From the Album: Doogal Soundtrack (2009) (buy at

Mark Thomas - Main Titles
Kylie Minogue - The Magic Roundabout
James L. Venable - Meet Doogal
Pilot - Magic
Bill Nighy and Catherine Bott (The Kinks) - You Really Got Me
James L. Venable and Danail Getz - Doogal The Mechanic
Mark Thomas - Zeebad Escapes
Mark Thomas - Soldier Sam
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - The Magic Roundabout
James L. Venable - Meet Zeebad
Mark Thomas - Setting Up Camp
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - Spinning
Mark Thomas - Duel Of The Springs 2
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - Simply Wonderful
Mark Thomas - The What-a-Snails Waltz
James L. Venable - Zeebad Threatens
Mark Thomas - Train's Back
Mark Thomas - Lost In The Cold
Mark Thomas - See The City
Mark Thomas - The Frozen City
Mark Thomas - Florence In The Ice
Mark Thomas - The End Of Zeebad
Mark Thomas - Florence Awakes
Doogal - Sugar Sugar
T.Rex - I Love to Boogie
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - Lean Mean Fighting Machine
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - Believe Yourself
Andrea Remanda and Goldust - Bust This Joint

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