Disneymania 7 Soundtrack Lyrics

Disneymania 7 Lyrics

From the Album: Disneymania 7 Soundtrack (2010) (buy at amazon.com)

Allstar Weekend (from The Lion King) - I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Selena Gomez (from The Jungle Book) - Trust in Me
Honor Society (from Cars) - Real Gone
Tiffany Thornton (from Pocahontas) - If I Never Knew You
Mitchel Musso (from A Goofy Movie) - Stand Out
KSM (from The Wild) - Good Enough
Savannah (from Meet The Robinsons) - Little Wonders
Booboo Stewart (from The Little Mermaid) - Under the Sea
Bridget Mendler (from Toy Story 2) - When She Loved Me
Drew Seeley (from The Little Mermaid on Broadway) - Her Voice
Ruby Summer (from Lady and the Tramp) - Bella Notte
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle' (from The Little Mermaid) - Part of Your World
Alyson Stoner (from High School Musical) - What I've Been Looking For
Demi Lovato (from Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure) - The Gift of a Friend
Debby Ryan (from The Lion King) - Hakuna Matata

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