Degrassi: The Boiling Point Soundtrack Lyrics

Degrassi: The Boiling Point Lyrics

From the Album: Degrassi: The Boiling Point Soundtrack (2011) (buy at

Stefan Brogren - Balls
Moneen - Believe
Melinda Shankar - One Of Those Pregnant Teenagers
Jessica Tyler - Mr. Perfect
Munro Chambers - Concert Of The Century
All Too Much - Don't Say Love
Hannah Georgas - Stranger To Me
Raymond Ablack - I'm A Young Adult
Royalchord - The Good Times
Luke Bilyk - The Girlfriend Label
Adaline - Hand To Hold
Raymond Ablack - That Is Pandemic!
Jenna and Sav - Goodbye White Horse
Munro Chambers - Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs
Dance Movie - Carjack My Heart
Jessica Tyler - Just A Girl
Munro Chambers - Last Night Was Epic!
The Dead Hand - Paisley Jacket
Eve And The Ocean - Sammy Decter
Stefan Brogren - Big Changes

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