Embraceable You Lyrics - Crazy for You Soundtrack

Crazy for You Soundtrack Lyrics

Embraceable You Lyrics
Dozens of men would storm up
I had to lock my door
Somehow I couldn't warm up
To one before
What was it that controlled me?
What kept my love-life lean?
My intuition told me
You'd come on the scene
Mister, listen to the rhythm of my heartbeat,
And you'll know just what I mean.

Embrace me,
My sweet embraceable you,
Embrace me,
My irreplaceable you
Just one look at you -- my heart grew tipsy in me.
You and you alone bring out the gypsy in me.
I love all
The many charms about you;
Above all I want my arms about you!
Don't be a naughty baby
Come to Polly -- come to Polly -- do!
My sweet embraceable you.

In your arms I find love so delectable, dear,
I'm afraid it isn't quite respectable, dear,
But hang it --
Come on, let's glorify love!
Ding dang it!
You'll shout "Encore!" if I love.
Don't be a naughty baby,
Come to Polly -- come to Polly -- do!

[Polly and Bobby]

My sweet embraceable...

(They kiss.)

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