Collateral Soundtrack Lyrics

Collateral Lyrics

From the Album: Collateral Soundtrack (2004) (buy at

Tom Rothrock - Briefcase
The Roots feat. Cody Chesnutt - The Seed (2.0)
Groove Armada - Hands Of Time
Calexico - GCero Canelo
Tom Rothrock - Rollin' Crumblin
James Newton Howard - Max Steals Briefcase
Green Car Motel - Destino de Abril
Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun
James Newton Howard - Island Limos
Miles Davis - Spanish Key
Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion - Air
Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
Antonio Pinto - Car Crash
James Newton Howard - Vincent Hops Train
James Newton Howard - Finale
Antonio Pinto - Requiem

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