Cold Mountain Soundtrack Lyrics

Cold Mountain Lyrics

From the Album: Cold Mountain Soundtrack (2003) (buy at

Jack White - Wayfaring Stranger
Reeltime Travelers - Like A Songbird That Has Fallen
Tim Eriksen, Riley Baugus & Tim O'Brien - I Wish My Baby Was Born
Alison Krauss - The Scarlet Tide
Tim Eriksen & Riley Baugus - The Cuckoo
Jack White - Sittin' On Top Of The World
Tim Eriksen - Am I Born To Die?
Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love
Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church - I'm Going Home
Jack White - Never Far Away
Jack White - Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over
Stuart Duncan & Dirk Powell - Ruby With The Eyes That Sparkle
Cassie Franklin - Lady Margret
Jack White - Great High Mountain
Gabriel Yared - Anthem
Gabriel Yared - Ada Plays
Gabriel Yared - Ada And Inman
Gabriel Yared - Love Theme
Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church - Idumea

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