Where Are All the People? Lyrics

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Where Are All the People? Lyrics
Once upon a time i had the world upon a string.
Once, they stood in line
To see my face upon the screen.
I'd walk into the theater
And they all would call my name.
And i lived for those moments.
Now the tide has turned,
And all the glory's slipped away.
Now there's someone new,
And they cannot recall your name.
They love you for the moment.
Oh, but then they let you be.
And where are all the people that once loved me?

Now the world's changed to color,
So what can you do?
You're still black and white, so now you're old news.
The movies are talking, so you're never heard.
You're just an old picture,
From a far different world.

Charlie (cont'd)
And now all that i have
Is just a faded memory
A wall that's full of pictures,
Of the way things used to be.
You search for your tomorrow,
But the past is all you see.

And where are all the people?
Where is my tomorrow?
Where are all the people
That once loved me?
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