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A Bronx Tale Cast - Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) Lyrics
(TYRONE) You think I'm scare of some knuckle-draggers?
Brother, please!
These wops ain't no better than I.

(JESSE) They are dumber than a lumpa
Mozzarella cheese
And greasy as a pizza pie!

(TYRONE) Ah, they mama smell like garlic

(JESSE) And they daddy's alcoholic

(BOTH) And they sister's got a fat mustache!

(JESSE) They talk tough

(TYRONE) But it's baloney

(JESSE) 'Cause they soft as macaroni

(BOTH) Just punk-ass immigrant trash!

(JESSE) Ooh!

(BOTH) And that's the truth!

(TYRONE) You know it,
Ev'ry word is true.

(BOTH) And that's the truth!

(JESSE) Ain't scared what some dumb wops'll do.

(TYRONE) No way that I'll surrender
To some jive spaghetti-bender

(JESSE) The dagos want some action,
We'll put all of 'em in traction.

(BOTH) Them guinea sons-a-bitches
Gonna need a dozen stitches!
And that's the truth!

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