Sworn Enemy - Pain Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics

Pain Lyrics
the meaning my my life is all but gone
i have been betrayed by my own
a rollercoaser ride of emotions
pounding through the chambers of my heart
exploiting me like an open book
as i speak i can feel a tormenting pain within myself
creating an un-nerving disorder
controlling me body and soul until i am none
i fear the end
growing stronger every second increasing every day
there's no way of knowing how much more i can take
will there be a solution to this pain that i feel
wake up mother f*cker cause you know the deal
wake up mother f*cker cause you know the deal bitch
visions of anger
emanate from my mind
thoughts of the past are making me blind
there's a light that burns right before my eyes
i'll never know if all of thise lies
will come back to haunt me in the end
here i thought that you were a friend
someone special within my heart
you've taken my soul you've torn it apart
i can't seem to resist the power you possess over me
its ripping and digging draining me of my sanity
feel for me i'm in pain
open your eyes stand tall be a believer within your self
open your eyes stand tall you've gotta see the light
open your eyes stand tall you can do this on your own
open your eyes open your eyes to this
times of need you weren't there for me
fallen to the edge of my sanity
a train ride headed to no destination
living a life filled with procrastination
time ran out the end had to come
regrettably so it had to be done
living for you was all that i had
scars on my brain i'll never be the same again
depression breaks through like a juggernaut
take a look inside and watch me rot
a lifeless shell that's about to break
just wanna see how much i can take
how much i can take
how much i can take

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