Sworn Enemy - My Misery (Live) Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics

My Misery (Live) Lyrics
You know that you can't hide yourself behind the mask that you've made you
phoney I've found out so go tell someone who really cares you betrayed our
friendship the life long bond was split at the seems we were one in the same
now watch my smile turn into a stare
you betrayed yourself you betrayed us all there'snothing left ruins are all
that's left after the fall
if there's one thing i've learned in this heartless world you gotta expect
the unexpected
All of the lies I couldn't see now i seek retrobution like pouring salt on
an open wound my rage burns from within Trust me you said these words
I can never foorget the fact that I didn,t see it coming took me by surprise
behing your facade you hid your shame well the memories will make it hard to
live through all of this shame from the times that were good and even of
times of bad we've through it all now im suffering your final gain can you
honestly think what you,ve done makes it worh the hell you'll have to face
can you honestly say what you've done makes the hell that you'll have to

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