Sworn Enemy - Ignorance Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics

Ignorance Lyrics
call him psychotic
with a killer stare
he has no regard for consequence
death sentence for the ones who oppose
striking fear within their hearts
conform to a way
which you can't exist
his violent solutions leave you laid to rest
innocent are his victims put to death
i call this ignorance
some things you can't explain
i call this ignorance
tortured life beyond all pain
showers of death will cleanse your life
psychotic mind bent on destruction
force fed brain dead tortured slaughtered
i call this ignorance
life drained right before your eyes
admired by many yet hated by all
worl domination humanity falls
is there hope for the human race?
would they prefer to rest in pieces?
history always repeats itself
lessons learned are lessons gained
strive to be a voice
strive to be a voice

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