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Products Lyrics
Recall your f*cking products!

Louder, fill your box now
Everything around us is ready to explode
You felt out of time
Take a real breath now
If you want it, you'll know

I won't back to nowhere
Letf it nowhere
I can hold

Produtcs! Got them all here inside
Products!Pushing my head against the wall
Products! I hold a piece inside my hand (of a new
broken soul)

Higher as tower..i don't know
I think it's coming back to you
Take it, fell it, waste it
Anytime you need it
There's a reason to show

I left it all...
Replace what it's old and so easy to get
Replace on your own, like a simple regret

Fake, fill now your mind
With something so strange
There's a mistake behind on your head

Watch you filling your mind, it's killing me
Watch your felling arise...

Come on and brake it...because you got it too fast
Now your concentration make me feel that i'm the man
Above the reasons, the power that you steal
One misunderstood around your motherf*cking head

Solid Sorrows, anywhere...
Consolation and demands
I am the product to your soul

Reveal, desireless
This is emply, we are humans...

I regret, i don't matter at all, i don't fear for the
time above...

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