Switchtense - Anything You Want From Me Lyrics

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Anything You Want From Me Lyrics
Anything you want from me
Stay! Awake!.. be the one now!! Here we go

Here comes the other man
who tries to be something
but he never saw his self appearance
I love to be the same
I see my reflex in my own name
So look into my eyes
You can see it once again
realize, don't be afraid
about the f*ck I am...
I love to be the same
My reflex is my...

He finds another mirror in you...

So I break all this shit

I left all behind, that's why I got nothing
beautiful noise inside my mind
showing me your last breath

I'm tired now
So take me away
Your mind now
Can't separate it

Dress yourself tonight
Because everything looks the same
I know it's just a hit against my rules

I'm tired but you can chose now
Anything you want from me...
I have nice things inside
locked in my eyes...

It's just a flash against your face...
Giving you one more chance to grow..
I am not the one, I know it's true
That's why I'm standing apart

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