Swishahouse - Words From A G... Lyrics

Swishahouse Lyrics

Words From A G... Lyrics
[Lil' Keke:]
Dedication to real street niggaz man
Ah-huh, words of a G
Get your notepads out, y'know?
First thangs first, we internationally known
Worldwide connected and locally accepted
Tell you the truth man
Some of you niggaz wouldn't be shit if you was sittin in it
It's time to put all marks in they place
Mack or die, go hard or go home
Shit or get off the pot gangsta
SHEEEIT, niggaz got the dick look right now, y'know?
What makes you laugh makes you cry
Y'know you gotta be politckin in theese streets to qualify
Niggaz crumblin every time they open they motherf*ckin mouth
But y'know, we gon' sit back and do what we do
Swishahouse, gettin money, stay true

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