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So Fly Lyrics
That's what it is, yeah
Love at first sight, Young Don/P. Wall
It is what it is hey, check it-check it

[Lil' Keke:]
She had big bubble eyes and skin, like peanut butter
Even though I hear boys talk, I still love her
First time we met, was like a dream come true
Cause these niggaz on the streets, ain't seen nothing like you
Was a redhead sunshine, fresh from California
Boys went to tripping, when I put that candy on ya
Still got your back, got that iron it's whatever
Jackers stay hating, they can't stand we together
Baby wanna creep, even though I'm fo' deep
Cause she shine like new money, when her body hit the heat
Done had plenty women, but you're still my wife
From the 80's through the 90's, been the love of my life
Now ya hips swanging, wide body banging
You're parking lot pimping, when we at the club hanging
Strip was on fire, they was loving you mayn
And everytime I see you girl, it's just a beautiful thang yeah

[Hook x2: Crystal]
You look (you look), so fly (so fly)
I love, the way you feel inside
It's just something, bout the way you move
All eyes on me, whenever I'm with you

[Paul Wall:]
Yeah my woman got a grill, but she's oh so classy
When she strutting down the block, she look oh so sassy
She look good in them high heels, them 24's look fly
She likes to shine them neon lights, when she be waving goodbye
Whenever I turn her on, and start warming her up
I take my time and move slow, until she ready to cut
And sometimes I run her hot, so I just take her back home
And put her up for a while, give her some time on her own
I like my girls a lil' thick, that big body is great
I must admit that I'm in love, with that wide load shape
And yeah she's high maintenance, every week going in the shop
Either getting some'ing waxed, or just fixing her locks
I'm riding with her acting bad, making everybody jealous
She get mad at me, when I be hanging out with the fellas
I hear these new schoolers hating, but they just don't understand
Them foreign chicks can't do it, like my old school can man

[Hook x2]

[Archie Lee:]
I like to keep my girl, looking clean
Look how she shine when we floss, ain't she really clean
She like nice shit, so she keep me spending cream
From the front to the back, she a mean machine
She like to make a lot of noise, when we be on the block
Sometime the neighbors get mad, and they call the cops
I don't trust boys, cause they might try to snatch her
My baby mama got jealous, and she tried to scratch her
She got my name on her back, it reads Archie's Bitch
And I'll hurt you, if you try to take Archie's shit
I still remember, when you had to get that operation
You came out with six TVs', and a Playstation
I might let a nigga ride, but don't slam my do'
And I'ma put you out, you put them ashes on my flo'
I think we look so fly, when we ride together
I swear to God, I wish that we could ride forever-ride forever

[Hook x2]

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