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Rulez Lyrics
Mike Jones..

[Mike Jones]
I hit the road for bankrolls, don't hit it for stank hoes
I hit it for that currency, don't need a hoe burning me
Don't need a hoe hugging me, cause my paper loving me
I do this shit for cash and do', not for fame and flashy hoes
I work hard pray and grind, that's why I shine all the time
I bleed the block and put it down, until the day I'm falling down
I use to serve a lot of fiends, all about that dollar green
Now I gotta jump out of the game, to pursue my dreams
And that's in this rap game, so I left the crack game
Trying to keep it legal, hoping one day I'ma stack mayn
Don't wanna go back man, but I will go back in fact
I'll hit the block with crack, whenever paper slack mayn
I'm up on the grind, cause I'm trying to put it down
So I'm day to day grinding, hoping day to day shining
I'm up on the grind, cause I'm trying to put it down
So I'm day to day grinding, hoping day to day shining

[Hook x2]
Rule 1, f*ck a hoe and put first your funds
Rule 2, never leave home without your gun
Rule 3, keep on your mind currency
Rule 4, grind and you gon shine fa sho

[Mz. Trinity]
Forget what y'all say, I hustle all day
3-65 a day, I'm out to make pay
What better way in some jeans and boots, I'm still cute
Whether I'm robbing or taking money, it's still loot
I studied the rules, move with ambition
Listen to what I'm spitting, this the illest shit written
Never trust friend or foe, only trust my intuition
Niggas get my attention, try to knock me off my mission
But my passion for this game, done turned me to a animal
If you ain't talking scrilla, then nigga we ain't compatible
That's rule number one nigga, don't play dumb nigga
'Fore I go to rule two, and pull out that gun nigga
Rule three, sounds cool with me
Cause currently, I got my mind on currency
Trinity's no lady luck, but this lady's got lots of luck
A Milwaukee basketball team, I'm all about Bucks biatch

[Hook x2]

[Paul Wall]
I got my mind on my money, and I'm ready to mash
My number one task, cause on the grind getting that cash
A lot of people mad, cause we made it to the top fast
And knocked em out of they position, now they coming in last
I stay on my note, I'm on my grind at all times
I focus my mind, now I'm out here getting what's mine
I keep God over money, put money over everything else
All by myself, accumulating this wealth
I never ever let a heffer, come between me and my cheddar
I'm a trend setter, and y'all should know better
I'm quite clever, when I'm stacking my bread
Many ways to get paid, till the day that I'm dead
Even when I'm macking instead, in back of my head
I'm thinking bout coming about, beating the drought
No doubt I'm in it to win it, I ain't gon lose
I ain't no fool, I keep cool and follow the rules

[Hook x2]

I'm just saying though..

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