Sweet Vine - Mountainside Lyrics

Sweet Vine Lyrics

Mountainside Lyrics
For so long I've been told,
I am on the road to glory
these days I don't mind,
just hearin' that old song
Way back when at the tavern,
Iwould sit and write the stories
And now, everybody
just wants to sing along

And I'd wake-up early on Sunday morning,
and hear the churchbells ringin' loud
Some man said we would all be singin'
Oh, can't you hear the sound..


If you're lost and you can't find me,
(roll the mountainside)
just leavin' all my friends behind me,
(roll the mountainside)
and if you're in need of my acquaintance,
the many miles that seperate us.
(roll the mountainside)

The one day, for five and change,
I got mare than I bargained for
I found out that all-the-way
was a little-bit too far
and late last night on the trunk,
cuttin' open the envelope
I found out when I woke-up,
I'd bought myself a car

Then I stayed-up dancin' 'til Sunday morning,
just let the world go-out
then someone said we would all be singin'
Oh, can't you hear the sound..

Oh, we gonna climb that mountain... ah-ooh!

-guitar solo-

And I stayed-up dancin' 'til Sunday...,
and just let the world go down
ooh, late tnight we gonna all be singin'...
Oh, can't you hear the sound...
(can't you hear thr sound...sound...)

Sometime soon, down the road,
call you up when I've had enough
wrote-down in a motel room,
I'll send you all my love
I told you then, I'll tell you now
this here place is not my home,
no need to tie me down,
you can call me all your own...

On and on, Ah-ooh-ooo...

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