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Sweetsalt Lyrics

Strong Man Lyrics
Never thought i'd be this cold again
December found me here, and January's waiting
but you're not waiting here
I must say, i long to see the day
when i see flowers on your grave
I long to see that day
Cause you will know no pain

Have you ever seen a strong man fall to his knees?
Have you ever seen a strong man fall so helpless?

The hands that held me proud when i was just a child
They cannot hold me now
The hands that could not wrap around one finger
are fumbling with this pencil
I should write you something as a tribute to your life
Something grand and majestic, loved us all so well
But there is nothing story book or epic
about the father of my father
does to a child


I spend my life 1500 miles away
You spend your life giving

*Chorus* x 2

A strong man is falling
Have you ever seen a strong man fall?
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