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Stick To Your Guns Lyrics
Stick to your Guns" from the 1990
debut Sweet F.A.

My father said boy
You gotta learn to be a man someday soon
So do it your won way
It doesn't matter much what the other do

Ya carry your won weight well
You gotta learn to carry others too
When times start gettin' tough
Just remember here's what you got to do
Oh you gotta stick to your guns boy

Said now I know it ain't easy
Startin' from the bottem up
When people get the best of you
That's just life you better thoughen up

Your're gonna get your ass kicked around
Knocked down every once and again
Ya pick yourself up wipe yourself off
Go back and hit 'em again

Stick to your guns boy
Don't let'em push you around be number one
Stick to your guns boy
Try to remeber ride with the sun at your back

Now he's dead and gone
Never thought those words would ring so true
With all this comin' and goin'
Sometimes it's all just gettin' me thru

When times start gettin' me down
I just rembeber what he said to me
When you're alone boy
Mindy and body can set you free

I found mysrlf a stone cold believer
I put my trust in very few
Keep my eyes on the deceiver
Tell ya somethin'that i know its true
What'ya gott do
What'cha gotta do
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