Sweet Comfort Band - Young Girl Lyrics

Sweet Comfort Band Lyrics

Young Girl Lyrics
Shes just a young girl
And she has much to learn
About what the people call livin,
Educated through movies
And books in the drugstore,
The radio backs them all day.
Shes just a young girl
And she knows what she needs
But doesnt quite know where to find.
Shes following visions
Of romantic lovers,
And happiness that sells for a dime.

Oh, why dont you look to the Author of Heaven
And find out what He has to give?
Well, look to the Father of heaven and earth
And youll find He has the time,
All the time for you.

Shes hopelessly lost in a world of division
With no one to tell her the problem;
Shes chasing the lights that are fading in darkness
And taking her dreams right beside them.

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