Sweet Comfort Band - Habit of Hate Lyrics

Sweet Comfort Band Lyrics

Habit of Hate Lyrics
Well, those feelings have been shaken
You've been stepped on
You've been taken
Now you're clenching your fist
And that crazed, evil passion begins
Now you're waiting for your victim
Careful, planning, getting even
And you strangle your love
When you strengthen your habit of hate
Trapped in your habit of hate

Now your raging, vicious dealings
And your spiteful, wicked scheming
Are the lines on you face
The tracks that only malice can bring
You can't live with this feeling
You can't stop gettin' even
You can settle the score
But you can't break that habit of hate
Trapped on your habit

Hatred will tear out your heart
It will drain your lifeblood
Like a poison in your veins
No one can take it away
If you won't pray for an answer
There's a price you'll have to pay
Trapped in your habit of hate
Stranded in the darkness that is blinding your eyes
You won't ever find love
'Til you break those evil ties
Trapped in your habit of hate

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