Sweet Comfort Band - Envy and Jealousy Lyrics

Sweet Comfort Band Lyrics

Envy and Jealousy Lyrics
Everytime I think I'm OK
I'm in trouble again
I just can't seem to get away
From this emotional sin
I'm inferiority bound
And lost in despair
Harmony can never be found
When I begin to compare

Envy and jealousy
They make me so small
Envy and Jealousy
Are there when I fall

You're my only hope
To be saved from this oppression within
Show me there is nothing to be gained
By recognition of men

Envy and jealousy
Invading my mind
Envy and jealousy
They're wasting my time
Envy and jealousy
They make me so small
Envy and jealousy
They're there when I fall

I can recall when I was quite young
I had it all except for the one I wanted
Well that's envy and jealousy

I know it's a sin we're all caught in
But I don't want to be here forever
'Cause it feels like a chain wrapped around my neck
And it's bringin' me down
I know it's a trap we all fall in
But I don't wanna be here tomorrow
So I'm askin' for help
Won't you please get me out
Won't you take it away?

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