Sweet Comfort Band - Can You Help Me Lyrics

Sweet Comfort Band Lyrics

Can You Help Me Lyrics
My heart's been broken
It's come undone
It's the same old story I always tell
About the coins I lost in the wishing well

I'm just a dreamer
I've always been
But hangin' my dreams on the point of a star
Got old real quick, I didn't get too far

Can you help me?
My life is a puzzle scattered on the ground
Can you help me?
And I won't feel right 'til every piece is found
Can you help me?
Can you help me?

I promised myself
I'd win at love
But every time I tried to play
The pain would start and I would back away

And now you tell me
About a love
The goes beyond anything I do
Well I'd love to believe that it's really true
Is it really true?

A dying swan in a twisted dance
Can you help me?
Everytime I turn around I"m on my last chance
Can you help me?

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