Sweatshop Union - The Way Lyrics

Sweatshop Union Lyrics

The Way Lyrics
Its like the more shit change, the less we notice
Its like the more insane, the less we know it
We stand and watch the murder, and then we guess the motive
For every day-by-day, we're growing less devoted
But dont worry man
A day lie, we tryin people
Persevere through disease and greed and crime and evil
Fine with evil, man please tell me now
Cause we wont quit till our cd's sellin out
I want a boat for a house
And a lake for a lawn
Sittin up on the roof
Stayin awake till the dawn
A couple acres of farm, and a home filled with kids
My wife and friends to help me build a bridge
?And I've finally raised the guard and the will to live?
From god love and knowledge still to give so
Believe in us and we can change this earth
To become friends, you've gotta be strangers first

This is the way, This is the way
The way
The way that it goes
This is the way, This is the way
The way
The way that it goes
This is the way, This is the way
The way
The way that it goes
This is the day, this is the way
The way
The way I suppose

Though it all seems in such array
Struggle just to suffer another day
Nothing to juggle but work and play
As many would say we lost the way
Or maybe being caught in the maze
Start us to engage the charade
No longer be afraid of the cage
Teach the youth to be brave and keep faith
Cause its all just simple as love and life
Very few truly know what its like
But how do we make this alright?
Unite as one and walk in gods light (gods light)
Sacrifice for better days to come
And no longer hide our faces from the sun
I dedicate my life to the young
From my seeds of the dreams that you'll become


I will teach you to seek the truth
I will teach you not to be confused
So what i speak upon i speak for you (speak for you)
And if you lose the light i'll see you through (see you through)
And I hope you do the same for me (same for me)
To the same extent, the same degree (same degree)
And even when the skies are grey and bleak
Stay and keep
Speaking these words
To show the world beyond what they believe

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