Sway And King Tech - Redman Freestyle Lyrics

Sway And King Tech Lyrics

Redman Freestyle Lyrics
f/ Redman


Yo yo yo

I got the, forty acres, without the effin mule

Doc Ike Turner, givin mics audio abuse

I smack a big mouth trick, and her babysitter

and her lesbian friend, and that brother with her

I don't give a eff, I smack blood out a midget

My tactics make Evil Dee say, "Come on kick it!"

A black 5 with rims which you can spot me in

When I die, I snatch you like Doc Kervorkian

So turn the beat up, while NARC's got me on sweep up

I'm lucky, I usually tote more Gunz than Peter

I eff you up to where your forehead and cut meet up

You wanna box I +Square+ up more than Madison Arena

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